Does Apple spy us?

Emphasizing that it attaches importance to user privacy with the iOS 14 update, Apple came up with a new scandal. Cybersecurity researchers have announced that Apple can track users even when the privacy settings in the iPhone Analytics feature are turned off.

Apple saves data even when iPhone Analytics feature is turned off
The Apple feature, called iPhone analytics, promises to provide a better experience by examining users’ hardware and software data. According to Apple’s claim, iPhone owners can turn this feature off completely. However, according to research, Apple continues to collect data from devices with iPhone analytics turned off.

On the Apple official website, “iPhone Analysis; may include details on hardware and operating system features, performance statistics, and data about how you use your devices and applications. None of the information collected provides an individual identification of you. Because personal data is subject to privacy protection techniques such as differential privacy, they are either never retained or deleted from reports before being sent to Apple. You can also choose to completely disable Device Analytics sharing.” statements are included.

Cybersecurity researchers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry examined some iPhone apps, especially the App Store and Apple Music. Stating that Apple sent the data to their own servers even though they changed the privacy settings, the team said, “The level of detail of the information in the posts is shocking for a company like Apple.” made statements.

For example, information is collected about everything you do in real time, including which apps you search for in the App Store, what ads you see, and how long you’ve looked at a particular app and how you found it. Details such as ID numbers, what type of phone you use, your screen resolution, keyboard languages, how you connect to the internet are also recorded by Apple.